“Think Twice” A New Upward Reach Campaign

As many of you might know, we’ve been working on a social networking campaign for LDS teens ages 13-17.

For over eight months Libi from Michigan, Bekah from Arizona, and Seanna and Cade from Utah-all teens- have been meeting once a week with myself and other Upward Reach staff.

During this time we’ve explored many options as we’ve consulted with experts in the field. Our successful experience with Voices For Virtue has also helped tremendously.

Building the “Think Twice” campaign has occurred with no interference of our “Voices For Virtue” campaign.  “Voices For Virtue” is a flagship campaign  and has focused on 18-30 year old Latter-day Saints.  The “Voices For Virtue” Facebook page has over 59,000 fans. It’s mission statement reads:

Young Adults strengthening ourelves in virtuous living by connecting through social networking in order to: 1) Raise awareness of the effects of pornography. 2) Connect to resources for change. 3) Build character. And 4) Strengthen participation in LDS young adult activities.

The mission is accomplished in part by teaching LDS doctrine and principles through the various delivery system.

On the other hand, the “Think Twice” campaign focuses on 13-17 year olds who are LDS as well as other religious affiliations. Simply stated “Think Twice” provides a place for cool teens to connect and find empowering resources to “BE The Influence.”

Think Twice is a social networking group of teens that empowers ourselves to harness the awesomeness within ourselves to be leaders, trend-setters, and positive influence. “BE The Influence.”

The content for “Think Twice” will be based on the “For The Strength Of Youth” Pamphlet published by the LDS Church and include such topics as:  1)      Media and Entertainment, 2) Music and Dancing,  3) Dating and Sexual Purity, 4) Dress and Appearance, and 5) Language.

Although “Think Twice” messaging focuses on popular, successful, cool teens keeping standards it does not focus on teaching specific LDS doctrine (like Voices for Virtue.) Simply stated “Think Twice” is for all teens seeking to do better and be successful. See “Think Twice” Facebook page  and also check out the Facebook Info page for more details.

The Upward Reach Executive Committee has approved the “Think Twice” campaign and has recommended it to be reviewed by the entire Upward Reach Board this week for additional feedback and recommendations.

dr rick
Upward Reach Volunteer

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~William James

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