The War Against Evil

Post from Satan

From time-to-time I am reminded of our enemy. One such time was this week when we received a post from “Satan” concerning our blog Are all sexual thoughts a sin?”

That’s correct, “Satan” sent “Voices For Virtue” a message. He was brief and to the point. He declared his purpose was to tempt God’s children to misuse their God-given power of procreation. He acknowledged he has been very successful. He signed his message – That is all. Satan.”

Unfortunately, Satan’s war against “virtue” did not end with him being kicked out from heaven. As John noted, Satan and his followers were “cast out into the earth” and have come here with “great wrath.” The evidence of their wrath against “virtue” can be seen every day as we watch TV, go to work,  and talk to friends and family. 

Help, Please I need some help!   

We received another correspondence this week illustrating the tremendous power of “Satan.” It reads:

Dear Voices for Virtue,
I’m 14-year-old young woman by the way and a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints member. I’ve been a member since January 2011. Before I became a member, I had been a porn addict. Of course because of my addiction, impure and dirty thoughts come across my mind especially the images that I saw on the PC. When I found out watching porn is a sin and masturbation as well, I stopped doing these things before my baptism. At first, I wasn’t so tempted to watch anymore and the desires were very easy to control. But as time passed by, even when I sleep, sometimes I dream of the images that i saw before. This happened several nights and I knew satan was tempting me to go back to my bad behavior. I need to make my repentance true and I don’t want to go back to my deeds before. But the desires and enticements from satan are becoming more and more intense. Even when I read the scriptures or even pray, bad sexual thoughts would try to distract me! I try not to think of them but they just disturb me in a sudden. Prayer and reading the scriptures really help but is there something more I could do? Thanks! I’m looking forward to your response.

Voices For Virtue prepared the document How do I strengthen virtue and overcome pornography?” based on some work of our Board Member Gene Atkinson. We sent this young lady a copy of the document. This document is located on our Facebook page uner the icon “FAQ“.

Perhaps we’ll recieve another response from “Satan?”







Response from LDS Church Foundation

And one final message we’ve received. This one from the LDS Church Foundation. They have agreed to give us $15,000 when we raise $50,000 .

Our future is as bright as our faith

We now have over 40,000 fans, a message of hope, a powerful delivery system, volunteers, an excellent business plan, enough faith to open the windows of heaven … and oh yea at this moment in eternity no money!

Pray for us.

dr rick / a voice for virtue
An Upward Reach Volunteer

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Paul Coelho -The Alchemist.

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