More Powerful Than Money

Elder Craven and I are actively seeking donors to support the growth of our social networking communities… In the process I am impressed concerning the power of “Faith.”

How are we going to achieve our objective- of helping young people help themselves “Come Unto Christ?”

Through charismatic personalities? Through worldly technologies of social networking? Through dozens of volunteers? Through a positive attitude? Through raising large sums of money?

NO-these strategies alone will not be enough to accomplish our objective.  

We are involved in a project that all the money in the world couldn’t buy—We will achieve our goal based on one principle… through our faith in Jesus Christ. We are on a journey that needs more than just a positive attitude, technology, volunteers etc.  We need a miracle.

The “Lectures on Faith” (Lectures on Faith 1:24) teaches us faith does have power, dominion, and authority over all things. It is the very power by which God himself operates. I believe “faith” will be the very power by which Upward Reach’s campaigns Voices for Virtue and Think Twice will succeed.

Faith truly is the moving cause of all action. And “a grain of mustard seed” (Matthew 17: 20) should be sufficient for our task… that’s all – one grain of FAITH!

It is a disappointment, however, to find many others who are not willing to trust the Lord—or to trust in his promise when he says, “Prove me and see.” I often wonder why men cannot trust their Lord. He has promised his children every blessing contingent upon their faithfulness, but fickle man places his trust in “the arm of flesh” and sets about to make his own way unaided by him who could do so much. (Faith: Faith Precedes the Miracle, Spencer W. Kimball pg. 3)

If you have to choose… keep your money and pray and develop a deep faith in our cause.

This way we are guaranteed success.

dr rick / a voice for virtue
Upward Reach Volunteer

Miracles are the fruits of faith. . . . Where faith is there will be some of the fruits: ALL GIFTS AND POWER which were sent from heaven, were poured out on the heads of those who had faith.” (Joseph Smith; History of the Church 5:355.)

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