It’s Been One Year.

One year ago this month (October 2010) Elder Craven, Jini, Deborah and I visited a BYU Single Adult Ward and launched “Voices For Virtue.’

With a few thousand dollars and a group of volunteers we’ve grown to over 60,000 fans on Facebook and have learned a lot.

First, social networking can influence young people

We’ve learned that viewing porn is generally accepted among many Facebook visitors. Typically when Voices For Virtue has posted about an issue related to “viewing porn” we’ll receive several comments declaring something like “I love porn.”  Below is a screen shot of Logan’s initial comment “I LOVE PORN” to our post   “Like” this if you don’t let porn or immorality control your life.

You notice only three comments later Logan made a second comment saying, “But honestly how does porn control ones life?”

As a result, he received dozens of answers to his question-not from his bishop, school teacher, or parent-but his peers from around the world. For example Julie answered: “logan its one of the worst addictions known to man or woman it will destroy anyone who views it. It’s also a known scientific fact that it damages your brain just like a drug. it destroys marriages and families and lives. if you think it doesn’t affect you then you are sadly mistaken…”

In building the Voices for Virtue core group of fans we recruited many LDS young people some have turned out to be return missionaries. They know the doctrine and appear to teach it well.

Second, youth get information from the internet.

Natalie from Burley High School in Idaho asks how does she repent? Now I’m not sure why Natalie didn’t ask her parents, her seminary teacher -and why she came to Facebook. But that’s where she (and thousands of other youth) come to Facebook and now to “Voices For Virtue.”

In addition to links to a New Era article and Lesson 22 in the Young Woman’s Instructional manual dozens of responses came.  Parrish wrote, “Hi Natalie. The steps for repentance simply stated are to desire to sincerely repent, pray to Heavenly Father for forgiveness and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost will guide you in what additional steps you may need..…” Parrish goes on for a couple of more paragraphs.

Voices for Virtue received 1,130,142 Post Views from 9/16/2011 to 10/15/2011! That means over 1 million times people (Fans and non-Fans) have viewed a News Feed story posted by Voices For Virtue.  That’s not bad for one year …

In fact we are now planning our “Invest In Virtue” banquet on February 23 , 2011 at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

We’ve truly been blessed.

dr rick
Upward Reach volunteer / a voice for virtue

“Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic.”  ~Author Unknown

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