About Upward Reach

Mission Statement

Upward Reach Foundation is dedicated to help individuals and families help themselves to live a more abundant life by providing without cost, resources for achieving social, spiritual and emotional wellness. 


Upward Reach Overview

The Upward Reach Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1980.

Foundation Accomplishments

– Sponsored Voices for Virtuewhich is designed to strengthen LDS young adults ages 13-30 to more effectively deal with pornography through modern social networking and computer technology.

– Sponsored Think Twicewhich is designed to strengthen teens ages 13-17.  Think Twice promotes the slogan “Be The Influence.”

– Gathered materials to help individuals and families overcome social emotional challenges. Currently the Foundation is rebuilding the library formerly located at MentalHealthLibrary.info

– Developed print and media materials to help individuals overcome and prevent pornography, drug and alcohol, and other challenges.

Organizational Structure

The Board of Trustees and Advisory Council meet together every other month. Currently Upward Reach has no paid staff, all the board members and staff volunteer. The board members comprise: 

– Licensed mental health professionals including: Dr. Michael Gardner, Dr. Rick Hawks, and Gene Atkinson LCSW.

– LDS Church Leaders including:  Ardeth Kapp, Rulon Craven, and Harold Brown. 

Experts including: Robert Echard, attorney at law; Cathy Chamberlain audience research / marketing expert; Kirk Strickland, video and media expert; and Jonathan Johnson Internet/social networking expert. 

The Upward Reach Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. The day-to-day operating activities are managed by an Executive Director and Executive Committee

Basic Beliefs

– Everyone has life challenges.

– There is a desire to reach upward within each of us.

– By learning correct principles we can help ourselves.

– Each has a tremendous potential for excellence.

Our divine nature draws us to a better life as we understand and apply correct principles.

    “Learn correct principles. Help yourself and others.”™

Deliverying Resources

Upward Reach uses the most current media and delivery systems to encourage participation including:


cell phones, blogs, podcasts, videos, e-mails, ipods, e-zines, and social networking!

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