50,000 Fans and Growing

July 10, 2011 – Chronicle 2011 7:25

Voices For Virtue now has over 50,000 Facebook Fans and about 300,000 post views!

Our fans include:

62% females and 37% male.
63% are 34 years old or younger. (Facebook uses 34 as the cutoff age)


We have seven countries with more than 100 fans including U.S., Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico. After the U.S. the Philippines has the most fans with over 3,000.  Other countries with fewer than 100 fans include: Germany, South Africa,  Saudi Arabia, Japan, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Austria, South Korea,  and Argentina. This is quite impressive because we’ve ONLY marketed to young adults in the United States.


The top 10 cities from which Voices For Virtue fans come –starting from the largest fan base include: Salt Lake City followed by Makati (Philippines), Phoenix, Dallas, Boise, Orem, Los Angeles, Provo,  Denver and Seattle.


One of the more popular Voices For Virtue post was made June 9 at 6:50 pm. We simply posted, “What made you laugh today?” This post received over 27,000 impressions in the Facebook world. (Impressions are similar to “views.”)

On June 6 at 3:26pm at the request of LDS.org/Youth we posted the new Mormon Message video “Chastity: What Are the Limits?” This post received 17,388 impressions. (These numbers certainly tells a little about the interest of our audience.)


We are sendng out about 800 emails each Friday morning to about 9 countries- U.S., Canada, Germany, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Jordan, and Brazil. Twenty-to-thirty percent of our V-emails are opened which is about the average for e-mails 

An Effective Delivery System

Upward Reach’s campaign “Voices for Virtue” has evolved into a tremendous DELIVERY SYSTEM. We are now connecting LDS Young Adults with a variety of resources from ourselves-Upward Reach, Fight The New Drug and LDS.org/Youth.

In a recent Upward Reach executive committee meeting Elder Craven, Bob Echard, Gene Atkinson and myself agreed for now it would appear best to focus on building the social networking communities and connecting youth with uplifting content.


No doubt the social networking world could benefit from “a little light of Christ.” 

Our growth has been limited only by our FAITH to raise money to share our message.

dr. rick / a voice for virtue

Upward Reach Volunteer

“Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”   3 Nephi 12:16

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