17 Miracles of Upward Reach

I’m impressed there is a similarity between Upward Reach’s efforts to “save” young people in 2011 and the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies’ efforts to “save” members in 1856.

Those members of the handcart companies died in many ways. For example, they died while
… pulling the handcart,
… eating a crust of bread,
… digging a grave for another,
… while praying.

On our 2011 trek to “Zion” our LDS youth are also dying in many ways. Here are some examples,
… 16 year-old Sally – while getting an abortion.
… 21 year-old Tom, a return missionary, while being sentenced 15 years-to-life in prison for rape.
… 18 year-old Mark staying home from Church, while feeling too evil and guilty because of his porn problem-he’s tried everything to quit!
… 23 year-old Emily, mother of a newborn, married in the temple-while telling the Bishop “I just don’t believe the gospel anymore.”
… 14 year-old Seth, while he takes his dad’s handgun and shoots himself. Leaving the note behind sharing distress about his homosexual feelings.

These stories, and more like them, unfortunately are happening in our LDS homes. These “last days” are everything the Lord promised.

Are you a member of the rescue party?

I have seen for myself the power of social networking in influencing youth. It’s clear that on a small scale Upward Reach is assisting in “rescuing” youth from spiritual hunger and lost direction. We are doing this by providing:

A morsel of – a “cell text” bringing a brief uplifting message.
A swallow of – a “Facebook post” showing someone cares.
A crumb of – a “Blog” demonstrating there is another youth going through the same thing.
A piece of dried meat from an angel – a “V-email” teaching much needed doctrine.

Upward Reach provides bites of spiritual nourishment to over 53,000 youth.

As Upward Reach “broadens our vision and lengthens our stride” we must strengthen our rescue team and financial resources.

If you have any interest or ideas please let us know.

dr rick
An Upward Reach Volunteer

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”  ~Dr. Seuss

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