1,000 Teens A Day!

 $1,000 brought us 9,000 fans… a thousand fans a day!

Unless I saw it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it!

We allocated $1,000 to pilot “Voices For Virtue” message to LDS teens ages 13-17 on Facebook. We wanted to see if “teens” would be interested in “virtue” and “saying no to porn.”(See the add to the left.) Well, we found out.

About 10% of the total “Voices For Virtue” community NOW are 17 and younger… and it’s still growing as I write.

What’s this miracle all about?

While we are powerless to alter the Second Coming of Savior, we can influence the preparation of young people by strengthening virtue.  As the “banner of virtue” is raised, like Captain Moroni raising the “title of Liberty,”  Young people come running with their armor girded about their loins (See: Alma 46:21) to virtue.

Upward Reach Board Meeting

As you recall “Think Twice” is promoting “standards”-From the LDS  “For The Strength Of Youth Pamphlet” but not in a religious/LDS way. “Think Twice” is for ALL teens seeking to be better.

“Think Twice” message is “Be Better – it’s cool, popular and fun and everyone is doing it.”  (What a great message!)

On the other hand, “Voices For Virtue” is very clearly sponsored by and directed towards LDS youth now ages 13-30.

Cade (age 17) and Darin presented the “Think Twice” project to Upward Reach Board. The Board approved it! We’re ready to go. Above is a picture of Cade (Think Twice), Darin (Think Twice), Ardeth Kapp (Upward Reach) and Amberly (Voices For Virtue) at the meeting.

The next step…

Well that $1,000 was the last of our spending money. Elder Craven and I are back visiting  trying to raise more money … If you know anyone that would like to help us grow let us know.

If you’d like to help, donate below!

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a voice for virtue

For every mountain there is a miracle.”  Robert H. Schuller

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This made my night. You guys are doing so much good. 🙂

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